Roasted Not Steamed

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When it comes to vegetables, I pretty much cook the same thing over, and over, and over again. To make matters worse, I prepare them the same way. BORING!

This week I came across a roasted cauliflower recipe I had to try. My family likes cauliflower, and it was the perfect opportunity to break out of the rut of same old – same old.

Even though I didn’t have the white wine the recipe called for, I didn’t let that stop me. That was all I needed to make this recipe “my own.” I did just that. The recipe turned out great without the white wine, and I was pleased with the outcome.

Cauliflower is an extremely versatile vegetable. Following are five recipes that are truly appetizing. 

Mashed Cauliflower

Cauliflower Tots

Cream of Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower Rice

Parmesan Cauliflower Bites

What not-so-traditional preparations have you tried with your veggies?


Protected By Micosoft

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My family’s heath is protected by United Healthcare , our cars by State Farm, and our souls are protected by salvation awarded through Jesus Christ. I’m sure if I thought about it, I could name a few other ways we are protected. But there is one aspect of my life I left unprotected.

My computers.

We depend on our computers for work, school, research, along with entertainment and a host of other things. I have documents, years worth of pictures, and I left them open to viruses, spyware, and malware.

The last software I used to protect my computers agreement ran out about a year ago. And because I didn’t feel any threats at the time, I went on without updating that protection, or seeking out something else. My decision not do anything, didn’t prove fatal, but cost my family a bit of inconvenience.

First, my desktop computer (I’m posting from it now) was affected. We couldn’t get on the internet, there were constant pop ups, or it would loop off and on. Last summer I unplugged it, with every intention of taking it to get fixed. But because I had the laptop I procrastinated. Our family was reduced to sharing one laptop. This weekend the terrible awful happened… My laptop started experiencing difficulty.

I posted a question of Facebook, asking about virus protection, and explaining I was having trouble with both computers. Shortly after I received a text from a friend try Microsoft Securities Essentials. I tried downloading that per recommendation from one of the computer technicians at work two days before. But somehow, I ended up with something other than, that asked for my credit card. After an hour Adrian had talked my through downloading Microsoft Security Essentials, and uninstalling a lot of the junk that I picked up because my laptop was not protected.

Today, I was able to repeat the process for my desktop and remove the threats that had taken over my computer. Microsoft will run weekly scans, and I don’t have to worry about expiration dates or renewing. My computers are protected and the best part… it was absolutely FREE!

What virus protection do you use on your computers? Are you happy with its coverage?


Projects Half Done

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After receiving a sewing machine for Christmas, I went crazy cutting out, and pinning projects. I finished a few, but I do have a few “projects half done” waiting for me to get back to.

This morning I finished the travel pillows for the Sugababies. This project has been hanging around for weeks, and all I had to do was stuff and stitch them closed. What took so long? I couldn’t tell you!

I also have about five baby bibs for my grandson that have been cut, pinned, and ready to be sewn. A teething baby can go through several bibs a day. Just like socks in the laundry, bibs disappear as well.

This morning I cut out this running belt I’m eager to make. I know it sounds crazy to start another project when I have others prepped and ready to be finished. I’m not going to mention the long list of projects, ahead of this belt, I want to get to (you didn’t hear it from me). With the directions being super simple, I’m hoping it’ll be a breeze to complete.

Tomorrow, we’re expecting “Round 2″ of winter weather for the week. If we’re out of school, the bibs and running belt will go from ‘projects half done’, to ‘projects completed’. That gives me room to get started on a couple of other items on my growing list.

How do you handle completing multiple projects?



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When we had our children, I looked at Mr. Husband and I raising them as a journey.

Now that we have grand children, our journey has turned to an adventure. Particularly our very outgoing, active, and oh so entertaining grandson, Jericho. Aside from the cuteness factor, he provides loads of photo and video opportunities.

Did I mention he’s busy! Just in writing these few paragraphs twice he squeezed between chairs I strategically placed really close together to keep him out of the kitchen. He also tried to sneak past me and the barricade to the stairs, and the contents of my purse were more appealing than his truck.

In a short 14 months he’s gone from this little bundle, that stayed where you put him into a funny, adventurous, and highly independent little boy. Documenting his growth and adventures not only intrigue me, but makes me so happy. I look forward to many more years of the #AdventuresOfJericho.

Follow me on Instagram @latonyarich for more #AdventuresOfJericho.

Stick A Sock In It

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pileosocksWe’ve had a basket of mismatched, worn out, and otherwise forgotten socks for the past 10 years or so. After washing and folding clothes all the leftover socks find themselves in that basket.

Every once and a while, socks along other items end up in the basket when someone doesn’t finish folding clothes. It’s also a catch all. Often my children find themselves digging in the basket for socks, and the majority of the time, the don’t even match. That doesn’t seem to matter at all!

I’ve threatened to throw everything in that basket away about 100 times, at least. I have this “thing” with holding on to things that no longer serve its purpose. My intentions have been to repurpose, or up-cycle the contents of the basket. Finally, I’m making good on that threat, sort of.

My daughter and I are making pillows for a daybed project I started. I used a large bag of fiber fill to stuff four pillows, two very large, and two regular size. To finish our project we need to make six more pillows of varying sizes, which could easily be two more large bags of fiber fill, at nearly $9 a bag.

In addition to those pillows, I started making travel pillows for the Sugababies. When ever they fall asleep in the car they look so very uncomfortable. Recently, I had a light bulb moment. Why not use those unwanted and abandoned socks to fill the travel pillows?!

Yes, I know it’s absolute genius, thanks.

Starting at the toe, I cut the socks into pieces. About 6-8 socks later (I lost count), I had enough travel pillowshredded socks to stuff a pillow. That was just enough for a firm pillow. I started thinking about other pieces of old clothing that could be repurposed for the pillows. Old t-shirts. There were a few of them in that basket as well. Seriously,!

It came out very well, if I do say so myself. On to make a few more!


New Wardrobe, Old Clothes

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A few months ago I wrote, Wigs, Hat, and Paper Bags after watching Girlfriend Intervention, and realizing I needed to ‘Reboot and Refresh,’ because my ‘Basic Woman’ tendencies were taking over far too often.

If you’ve read my blog at all, you’ll notice that I am an avid Pinterest pinner. I pin a lot of outfits on my ‘Make Me Over’ board. It’s been about a year since I started that board and pinning outfits with hopes of ‘One Day’ shopping and putting together at least a few of those looks.

Remixed Maxi DressThe end of November, I had an epiphany. Why not wear what’s already in my closet? Grabbing my phone I searched ‘Black Dress Outfits’ on Pinterest. To my surprise I was able to make an outfit. Pairing an old-old long black dress with a fairly new top was like… Tada! On a roll, I started searching for other outfits using pieces I had in my closet. Outfits were hanging all over my closet. This was better than pinning!

The inspiration look is ReMixed Maxi Dress via Skinny Mom.

Sweet MagnoliaThat week I have to say I was feeling my self! I’ve had a red sweater for a while, but only wore it with cream pants, every once in a while. Not any more! Khaki pants and an animal print scarf gave that red cardigan new life.

Work outfitThis inspiration outfit, originally pinned by Strawberrybrownie, jumped off the page at me! My husband and bestie often tease about the lack of color in my wardrobe. Last Christmas, I bought this yellow sweater and never thought to wear it with my gray pants. I was all woop-woop.

Green pantsAlthough the green pants outfit is the last one I’ll show you now, I have by no means stopped putting together outfits! These pants were the least worn in my closet, because I wasn’t sure what to wear with them, and they’re a little big in the waist. The blue jean jacket, and scarf pulled it all together.

My journey of Rebooting and Refreshing has been an awesome adventure so far! I’m looking forward to mastering makeup.

31 Days of Affirmations

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31 daysSeveral years ago, our Married Couple’s Ministry at church studied the Five Love Languages, and recently so did our Women’s Bible Study group. That’s when I learned how powerful words of affirmation can be. Even if this is not your primary love language, positive words can be life changing in any relationship.

A couple of weeks ago, I pinned Matthew L. Jacobson’s  “103 Words of Affirmation Every Husband Wants to Hear.”  After reading this list I was shocked at how simple they were. When I read the title, I immediately thought it would be long paragraph’s of rhetoric. They are simple, straight forward, and no fuss… just like Mr. Husband.

I sent Mr. Husband one of the affirmations, and his response kind of caught me off guard. Our (text) conversation when like this…

Mr. Husband: Where did that come from?

Me: My heart.

Mr. Husband: What’s wrong with it?

Me: I just wanted to send you a positive affirmation.

Mr. Husband: Ok… thanks.

My friend says I’ve always been one to positively affirm my husband. Although I think we have a pretty good relationship, maybe I haven’t done such a good job lately. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything else that’s going on in our lives. That’s when I had a light bulb moment… Why not try texting, leaving notes, and speaking positive words of affirmation for Mr. Husband every day of December and see what happens. Why don’t you join me, all month long I’ll be Tweeting #31Affirmations.

I’m looking forward to the end results.