Marriage Matters – Respect

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marriage matters respectIn three months and a few days, Mr. Husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Wow… where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday, I was waiting in my dorm room listening for him to buzz my room. As soon as he buzzed I’d haul it down the stairs and jump around his neck. I’m actually tickled writing this, I haven’t thought about that in years.

Often we hear about couples, celebrity and regular folk, getting divorced before they open all the gifts. When Kim and Kanye wed, there were bets on how long they’d stay married. Wendy Williams lost a bet and ate crow! To some marriage has become a joke, and not the spiritual coming together God intended it to be.

Although Mr. Husband and I have had our ups and downs, I credit many of our ups to a mutual respect for each other. Aretha Franklin said it best…

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me. All I need is a little respect…”

Early in our dating relationship we made respect a priority. He would respect me, and I would do the same for him. The key actually is understanding respect, and how the other person sees, and views it. Through the years I’ve also learned that everyone’s understanding is not the same. But that’s a post for another day!

Ways to show your spouse RESPECT:

How high does respect rank in your marriage?

Spring It On

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Spring it on

Now that Spring is officially here, it has me feeling all springish, and thinking about flowers. For the past several years I’ve made plans to spruce up our patio, and this year is no different… I have plans.

My number one plan is that the Sugababies and I plant flowers in the patio flower bed, and watch them grow. When we first moved into our home, about 13 years ago, it was our youngest daughter idea to plant a few flowers. She  enjoyed watching her plants grow and bloom.

This spring, we’re starting with the following four plants, and a feeder, who knows where we’ll stop. I am uber excited.

  • This butterfly feeder is a must! I have only one concern… Will it attract mosquitoes as well?
  • 31 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes Citronella Grass is a must, because mosquitoes are as much a part of spring and summer as the sun in our parts. Those little critters are bad with or without a butterfly feeder.
  • Impatiens and Foxgloves for attracting that humming birds that visit each year. Maybe they’ll bring a few more friends with them.
  • Growing up hydrangeas were one of my least favorite plants. My grandmother had them in the front and the side of her house. They where huge pink and blue bushes. And for that reason I love them now. They remind me of her.
  • Sunflowers are another one of my favorites, and are also a must this summer.

What spring/summer projects are you planning for?

I took the photos in the collage  at #Bean2Blog 2012 on Moss Mountain Farm. It is absolutely beautiful this time of year. If you EVER have the opportunity to visit P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home, GO!



I Made A GIF

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I love learning new things, and even more than that I love to share what I’ve learned.

Last week, I shared with you my April To-Do List graphic after following a tutorial. This week I want to share my latest creation from another tutorial How To Make An Animated Gif. In this tutorial it takes you to, but for some reason I was having issues with that that site. After trying to check the site out from my computer at work, and our network blocked it.

I followed all the initial directions for taking pictures, and Googled another animated GIF creator, and settled on It was uber simple, and I didn’t need another set of instructions. Had I known making animated gifs were this simple I would have done it a long time ago. And be certain more will follow… look for them.

With this gif simple was the idea. My Sugababies made flowers with construction paper earlier, and I wanted to do the same. Mr. Husband thought I was making an art project. You should try it! If so, please leave me a comment and link to your gif, I’d love to see it.

Drum roll please…


April To-Do List

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April To Do

I love Pinterest because of ALL the information it has to offer! Sometimes I get caught up with pinning for later, and never getting back to it, especially when it comes to my Blogging/Writing board. I have every intention, but life happens. With a little time on my hands recently, I was able to go back to read PicMonkey Mondays: Creating Graphics and Printables, by In Katrina’s Kitchen.

The quick read turned into a work session. Instead of creating a useless graphic just for the fun of it, it had to be used for my blog. That brings me to a post I read on Justice Fergie’s Life Is The Party, Things To Do: February. My plans were to do create my own list and this was perfect for the graphic tutorial.

What do you think?

April To-do List

Try 4 New Recipes – A while back I started Project What’s For Dinner, where once or twice a week I was trying new dinner ideas on my family. I’ve gotten away from that, and I would like to try a few new recipes to add to the rotation for the summer.

Host an Easter Egg Hunt – For years I’ve wanted to host a city-wide Easter egg hunt. I always remember a month out, which is too late. So this year I’m going to do a family hunt, with the Sugababies and extended family. This will be awesome!

Make a maxi skirt/dress – Since last summer I’ve made bibs, pillows, pajamas along with a few other small projects. Out of all of that, I’ve not made ANYTHING for myself. That’s about to change. Maxi skirt/dress season in here and I’m going to make at least one during the month of April.

Finally create a vision board – For about a year, making a vision board has been in the back of my mind. I’ve seen post, I’ve pinned post, and there have been vision board parties in my area that I was unable to attend. April… it will get done!

Walk 20 miles – Spring has sprung, and the weather is warming up in my area. I’m ready to get out and start moving. Twenty miles may seem like a lot, but with four and a half weeks in April, it’s simply 5 miles a week… DOABLE!

I’m already thinking ahead for May!



Easter’s On The Way

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Easter is one of my favorite holidays, not because of the Easter Bunny, but the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Great crafting, and fun activities, and awesome food/snacks are a plus! My children are now “too old” to do the kiddie things with me. It’s just fine… I can get my fix with the Sugababies.

When I was a child, we only dyed eggs using vinegar and food coloring. There may have been other ways, but for us there was only ONE way. Today your imagination is your only limitation. I’m looking forward to creating a few of the following with the Sugababies, along with having an AWESOME Easter Egg Hunt.

Decorating Easter Eggs



How do you plan to make Easter special for the kids in your life?

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Rules of Group Texting

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Group texting

Like most people, I hate receiving group text messages. For the most part it’s because people just don’t understand the “rules.” This list developed through my experiences and disdain for the practices carried out in group messages.  These also apply for group texting apps like GroupMe.

1. How to respond: If you have a response intended for the sender of the message and not the group, respond to them personally in a separate text. Only respond to the entire group if your message will benefit everyone.

2. Use a disclaimer: The sender of the group text should make a simple statement at the beginning of the message such as “This is a group text,”  just as a reminder to the group. Continue this until all of your friends GET IT!

3. No side conversations: Theren is NO need for back and forth side conversations in a group text between just two people about a a completely different subjet. The group isn’t interested, and doesn’t want to be distracted by the constant chiming of their cell phones.

Share contact information with the party you’re interested in carrying on a conversation with, and see no. 1.

4. Don’t respond to unfamiliar numbers: If you receive a text from a unfamiliar phone number minutes, or even hours after receiving a group message DO NOT reply “Who Is This?” It’s a very good chance you.don’t.know them! And it’s akward.

5. Respond at a descent hour: If you are one of those people who are über busy and only respond to text late at night or early the next morning be mindful of others. Everyone may not be in the same time zone or appreciate getting a text in the middle of the night, or at the crack of dawn.

6. Mute the conversation: If push comes to shove you can always mute the conversation.

Do group text make you want to pull your hair out? What are your group text pet peeves?

My Top 5 Life Hacks

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Top lifehacksI’m not a serial DIY’er, but I’ve done my fair share. As I’ve gotten older there are some things I’d rather buy, or pay someone to do.  Trying to do it myself all the time can be too time consuming, or more trouble than it’s worth. However, there are a few life hacks worth trying and too good to pass up.

Mr. Husband thought I lost my mind with a few recent hacks. Once he saw the results, and how much I saved it wasn’t so crazy after all.

My Top 5 Life Hacks

Homemade Febreze – When I came across this pin for homemade Febreze, I was a little skeptical. For literally pennies to make… it was worth a try. Recently we ran out (which means more than I was using it), and my daughter asked if I’d make more. Yes, it’s that good.

Oven Cleaner – My oven in NOT self-cleaning, and I absolutely HATE it! To my surprise this solution cleans baked on messes. I didn’t have to scrub afterwards like other products I’ve used in the past.

Color coding keys The back and front door keys are identical making it uber difficult to tell the difference. This trick takes all the guess work out of it.

Separating Eggs I can seperate an egg the traditional way, but why go through all the trouble when this method is so much easier.

How to make a cell phone into a projector I haven’t tried this one yet, but looking forward.  I had to add it to my top five.

Do you have a list of life hacks that are your favorite?

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