Honey Dew, Watermelon & Leather

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This summer has zoomed by! It’s been  more laid back than previous summers, and I’m totally cool with that. Actually, I’ve had the opportunity to keep the Sugababies more often while their parents are working, and that has given me GREAT pleasure. I’ve also had the opportunity to sew, which has been amazing.

Mr. Husband thinks my sewing is a passing phase. What he doesn’t understand is that I have various interest that changes from time to time, and with Pinterest I can pin a lot of cool things and come back to it when time allows.

The Sugababies love that I know how to “make” things. Nadia says, “Nunnie, you’e a good maker.” That warms my heart. I thought the same of my grandmother who is responsible for sparking the creative bug in me. In fact it is her sewing machine I use, and her crochet needles.

Making fruit leather

The kids love fruit roll ups, and of course I found several recipes for fruit leather on Pinterest. Not wanting to throw away half of a mushy honeydew melon, I attempted to make honeydew/strawberry fruit leather. I’m NOT a honeydew fan at all, but combined with strawberries that puree was delicious!

It as a slooooow process. Cooking, or pretty much drying actually takes hours, and the pan must be turned every hour.  The morning I decided to make the fruit leather, I had to teach an Oral Communication class for a couple of hours. I left my daughter in charge with specific times to turn the pan. She held up her end of the bargain perfectly.

Later in the evening (hours later), as I was growing a little anxious  and was ready for this to be done and over. I made an executive chef decision and turned up the heat in the oven. That was a big no-no. Within a few minutes my fruit leather was burned. It was crunchy and nasty! The best place for it was the trash. All that watching and turning was for nothing.

Last week, I tried  it again with watermelon. This time it was a success, it came out perfect! My daughters and sugababies were the taste testers. It was two thumbs up, and two thumbs down on the watermelon. The real judge is the zip-lock bag with the remaining roll ups still on the counter.

Maybe watermelon is not the right fruit to try making fruit leather. Next time… just strawberries.

I was going to tell you about my adventures in sewing, but this post is starting to run a little long. Instead I’m going to give you links to several fruit leather recipes I pinned.

If you try making them please tweet me, or come back and comment letting me know what fruit you used, and how it turned out.

SondiBruner’s recipe

Baked by Rachel

Just Taste

Camping In The Backyard

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camp out

For a long time I’ve wanted to go camping with my family. But no one was having it. I even considered camping with someone else’s family… Then changed my mind.

Last week I came across a tweet about the Great American Backyard Campout June 28, and knew this was the perfect opportunity to share that adventure with my family. Still, I have no takers. You see, we live near a wooded area, and a bayou. Snakes, turtles and other creepy crawlies things are likely visitors. Mosquitoes can also be a big problem, along with Ricky and Rachel Raccoon, who dine from our trashcan nightly.

About a week ago, my middle daughter had a great idea to campout in the den with the Sugababies. The weekend of the Great American Backyard Campout would be the perfect time. Mr. Husband/Big Daddy already has everything to make a tent.

We’re going to roast hot dogs, make smores, and catch a few lighting bugs outside, then finish off the camping experience inside in the tent. I am really excited and looking forward to it all. It may not be the camp out I was expecting, but any adventure with my family is well worth it.

Does your family camp?



Happy Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day to all dads. I plan to spend Father’s Day with the first man I ever loved,  my true love, the love I made, and my brand new love… My dad, husband, son, and grandson.

The following video is a tribute to all great dads. Enjoy YOUR day.

Braided Headbands

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The kids in our local 4-H will participate in ‘Make-It-Monday’ workshops during the month of June. Of course I thought it was a cool idea and excuse to craft, as well as great blog content. headband

With three teenage daughters hair accessories are a must. I found this awesome headband project on Pinterest via Make it & Love It.com  Not only is it a neat headband, it re-purposes old t-shirts that would most likely be trashed, or given away. My girls have loads of old t-shirts with great colors from years of playing sports. This project can easily yield a couple of dozen headbands.

I will share our finished headband(s) on Instagram @latonyarich. If you join in today’s Make-It-Monday please share your results and mention me on Instagram or Twitter.


Getting Control of My In-Box

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A few weeks ago, I noticed the In-box of my Yahoo email account had more than 10,000 emails, from 2009 to present! I knew there were  A LOT of emails, but from 2009… That’s five years of emails just taking up space. All I could think was, “How did this happen?” and “How do I get rid of some of this mess.”

I started from the bottom at 2009, and deleted 100 at a time. Nope, I didn’t look through them to see if it was anything important. For obvious reasons I must not need it. They’re gone far, far away… or at least where deleted emails go to die. I imagine they’re really not deleted forever, but somewhere out there deleted emails are orbiting a cyber cloud, like the rings of Saturn.

It took  more than a couple of hours, but I made it mid-way through 2013! There were times I wanted to get up and do something else, but I was committed. Then it hit me… this endeavor was going to take more time than I thought. I almost became overwhelmed with the idea of getting it all done, and moving on to my G-Mail account to do it all over again.

Instead of a one day clean up/out, this project will more than likely take part of the summer to complete. With that in mind, I have to make sure this DOES NOT happen again. I’m currently researching ways to keep the In-box beast under control. Of course, that’s another blog post all together.

How do you manage your In-box?

I is of In-box. From A to Z Challenge!

Three Down – Two to Go

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A week ago Saturday, our  middle daughter Ajia (center) graduated from high school. She graduated with honors and number seven in her class. To say that Mr. Husband and I are proud is an understatement.

Not only is she a scholar, she’s a multiple sport athlete lettering 4 years in Tennis, 3 years in Basketball, and 3 years in Softball. This summer Ajia will play in the All-State All-Star game, a awesome honor and privilege.

This fall Ajia will start college and major in Pre-Law/Political Science, with plans of attending law school and becoming an attorney.  With a bright future, and the world literally at her finger tips, I’m looking forward to watching her take the world by storm during this next chapter of her life.

This been our third graduation, and each one has been bitter sweet. Graduation is an exciting time, but a little sad that my children are no longer my babies. As they start new chapters in their lives, that means I will also. In a sense, we’re all graduating to something new.



Viva Las Flip-Flops

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Warm weather has finally graced us with its presence, and that means only one thing… FLIP-FLOPS!!!

I absolutely love wearing my feet out in a great pair of flip-flops. By “great pair,” I actually mean ANY PAIR. Flat, plain, fancy, with a heel, or sporty…  a flip-flop, is a flip-flop, is a flip-flop, and I like them all!

Last summer, I had two pair to break. That means, I have to replace them with three pair. There’s nothing I better than a well flip-flop, unless of course it’s a brand new pair.

My mission in the coming weeks is to find new flip-flops to dress up, dress down or scoot about!

What is your favorite summer must-have?

F is for Flip-Flop; Blogging A to Z