Watch Me Get Down

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About twice a week, I’m able to catch The Queen Latifh Show. It’s a well rounded fun, entertaining, and informative show, and Queen Latifah is engaging and funny.

While watching this week QL made an announcement that made me to stop, and lean in. She’s having an Ultimate Mom Dance Off. I absolutely love to dance! Okay, you’ve never seen my moves here on my blog… I’m going to do something about that.

My arsenal of moves are from the 80′s, 90′s, and a few I’ve picked up from my kids along the way. I’m talking about the cabbage patch, prep, and running man. I can also do a mean Salsa! When the kids aren’t looking, I’ve even practiced their latest dance craze, the Na-nay. My kids are pretty good dancers as well… They get it from their mama! (I’m really cracking up.)

Dancing is more than just fun, it has great benefits as well. Studies show dancing can help you lose weight, remain flexible, and reduce stress. Huffington Post’s article Dancing With The Stars: 8 Great Benefits of Dancing says it’s social, a great cardio workout, and it can keep your sharp. I don’t know about you, but after every thing else fails, I’d like to still be mentally sharp.

If you’re a mom, and not scared… join me in the Ultimate Mom Dance Off. It will be a blast! This video of Jimmy Fallon and Flotus Michelle Obama may be the jump start you need. And if not, it’s fun to watch.

D is for Dance – From A to Z Challeng

Crocheting and Relaxing

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Since dusting off my crochet needles last summer, I’ve had crochet spurts. Right now I’m in a spurt! Crocheting not only allows me to be creative, but it’s very relaxing!

My favorite place to find great ideas and crochet patterns is Pinterest, you are welcome to follow my crochet board. When I start looking for one cute little something to make, I always find much more. Initially I just wanted to make a couple pair of slippers for my sugababies, instead I found several different designs. Along with slippers a found purses and bags, and pinned a few other things I want to get to in the near future for spring and summer.

I was pleased with the outcomes, and excited about summer crochet projects. What do you think about what I’ve done so far?

IMG_6281  IMG_6261  IMG_6282

IMG_6285 IMG_6284 IMG_6286

B Is For Boy

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I don’t think I’ve share here on this space that Nov. 27th I experienced another first, starting a whole new adventure.

Jericho Anthony was born, and from the beginning he melted my heart. He’s my first grandchild, and he has sparked a feeling I’ve never experienced before. Having five children of my own, I know what it’s like to love a little person I’ve carried and nurtured. But this is a totally different feeling that I can’t quite explain, and I love it.

Watching him grow in these short four months has been amazing, I’m looking forward to many more first with him along this adventure. Because he’s mine, I think he’s adorable. You can be the judge.

I’m looking forward to his first steps, going to the zoo, watching him play in the rain or sprinklers, eating cake… I think you understand. As a young mother I didn’t realize I would be interested in recording, or remembering particular things. This time around as Nunnie (because I will never be old enough to be called granny, grandma… ) I’m better prepared for the little things. Hindsight is 20/20, and I’m grateful for this brand new adventure.

So what do you think he’s adorable right?!

This post marks my 500th post, after four and a half years of blogging. Wow, now I really want, I have to do something to celebrate this milestone. Stay tuned.

From A to Z

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A to Z

If you’ve stopped by my blog lately, you’ve noticed the post have been few and distant. Recently while scrolling through Twitter I retweeted a post about an April A to Z blog challenge. Starting Sunday, would’ve put me right on schedule to blog every day for the rest of the month. But who am I kidding… there is no way I’m going to blog every day. So my adaptions of the challenge is simply to blog through the alphabet, as long as it takes, with a few other blog post in between.

This is an effort to spark my creativity, get out of the blogging rut I’ve been in, and fuel some interesting post.




A is for Apps!

Several years ago when I heard the phrase “There’s an app for that,” I thought it was so cute. Today, there is seemingly a literal an app for everything! Everything you can think of is being ‘apptulized,’ (I think I just made that up), Ideas and/or necessities turned into an app.  For the most part I think it is way cool. I would even like to develop an app.

Apps make our lives so much easier! So, what’s on my device…

  • Google… Of course. I’m a curious person, and there are tons of things I want to know.  It’s  Google to the rescue! Just like that I have the answer.
  • RunKeeper – I’m a part of a running group, this app uses GPS technology to track where you are, and the distance you run, even charting your route. The app also tracks your pace, along with other cool things.
  • Holy Bible – I love my Bible app. It’s easy to navigate and offers a scripture a day, along with other features.
  • YP – Yellow Pages – I’ve not used a phone book in a very long time! This app makes it so easy to look up businesses. I get the best results when I’m out-of-town, and looking for a restaurant. Not only does it give me the phone number and address, it shows the distance from my current location, and ties into my maps app if I’m in need of turn by turn directions.
  • BlackBoard Learn - Part of my class load, I teach a couple of online classes. The app allows me to stay on top of things  from my phone.
  • Remind 101 – This app allows me to group text my classes, without them having my number or me having theirs.
  • School Connect – I’m able to find information about my daughters schools, and the school district. This has been very helpful!
  • Words With Friends – Words With Friends is THE only game I have on my phone, mostly because I’m not good at them. I have been an avid player for about two years now. I enjoy words, and it keeps my mind sharp. At least that’s what I’ve been told.
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instacollage

Compared to other people I know, my list of apps is short! I think that has everything to do with having an iPhone 4, and less storage. I am patiently waiting the iPhone 6′s arrival.

How many apps do you have on your device(s)?



Put A Fork In Me… I’m Done

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IMG_5948[1]  In the words of Popeye, “I’ve had alls I can stand, and I can’t stands no more!”

A few years ago, I decided to NEVER let my hair grow out again… NEVER! After all, I absolutely love short hair and it’s just “me.” Besides, longer hair not only makes me look older, it is a hassle. There is far more maintenance for longer hair. I have to flat iron, curl, primp and cross my fingers it will act right day after day.

I didn’t set out to grow my hair, it just happened. My last hair cut was in May, right before my birthday. Without really doing anything special, my hair will grow like wild weeds in the spring. By last August, it was growing looking kinda cute. My mom noticed and liked it, so I left it alone. Now it’s at a bobish stage, with no real style, and it’s driving me crazy.

Every where I turn I’m seeing cute short styles. Most of all I’ve stalked Naja Aziz of Like The River Salon’s, Instagram, website, and YouTube. I would love to  have her cut and style my hair, followed by an interview. She is an awesome hairstylist, and social media maven. Since I won’t be taking Naja’s chair, I will use her styles as inspiration for my new cut.

I can’t wait to show you a before and after. Today, it’s going down… or coming coming off! The first day of spring is perfect for a new look.


Call 911 – It’s An Emergency

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Thursday’s are  also known as Scandal night. And this week I missed it! I kept seeing “on its new night, Friday,” and thought it was this week.

When I saw that my Facebook timeline was lit up with Scandal post Thursday night I was shocked, but I wasn’t worried I knew my DVR had my back. To say that I was horrorsprised after returning home to find that my DVR did not record is an understatement!!! I almost called 911… That was a real emergency!  Believe me… This. Won’t. Happen. Again!

Thanks to my Facebook friends who are SUPER Scandal fans, I almost felt like I was watching it… Not really, but I followed along pretty well. Finally I learned why I was so confused about ‘Scandal night.’ Each week BET re-airs Scandal episodes. Of course I set my DVR to record while we were out. This morning, with my Coke in hand, I was excited and ready to watch this week’s episode. Can you imagine my disappointment when I realized it was last weeks episode, Ride Sally Ride.

Since that was a bust, I headed to to watch the full episode. And whataya know, that was a dead-end as well. In order to watch that episode now, I’d need a verification code from my cable provider. No problem right? No! My cable provider does not participate. The only thing left to do was watch the highlights.

Are you a Scandal fan? What do you do when your DVR doesn’t record?

Kirk Franklin Is Coming To Town

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Kirk (1) I’ve always enjoyed Kirk Franklin’s music since God’s Property! His music speaks to the heart uplifting, soothing,  and satisfying the soul. Next week, Feb. 25, Kirk will be in my city, at my university speaking for Youth Motivational Task Force, YMTF.   Am I excited? Yes. I. Am!!!

I’m trying to decide what is my favorite Kirk Franklin song… And I truly can’t decide. Through the years my favorite has been what on his current album that was speaking to me the loudest. Or what happens to be playing in my vehicle while I’m riding at the time. The Reason Why I Sing has to be one that really moved me in his early years, but Behold The Lamb of God and Don’t Cry are my favorites around Easter… I think.

I wanted to share a video, and decided on I Smile. You can’t listen to this song,  no what mental state you’re in, and not feel better.  Enjoy!