31 Days of Affirmations

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31 daysSeveral years ago, our Married Couple’s Ministry at church studied the Five Love Languages, and recently so did our Women’s Bible Study group. That’s when I learned how powerful words of affirmation can be. Even if this is not your primary love language, positive words can be life changing in any relationship.

A couple of weeks ago, I pinned Matthew L. Jacobson’s  “103 Words of Affirmation Every Husband Wants to Hear.”  After reading this list I was shocked at how simple they were. When I read the title, I immediately thought it would be long paragraph’s of rhetoric. They are simple, straight forward, and no fuss… just like Mr. Husband.

I sent Mr. Husband one of the affirmations, and his response kind of caught me off guard. Our (text) conversation when like this…

Mr. Husband: Where did that come from?

Me: My heart.

Mr. Husband: What’s wrong with it?

Me: I just wanted to send you a positive affirmation.

Mr. Husband: Ok… thanks.

My friend says I’ve always been one to positively affirm my husband. Although I think we have a pretty good relationship, maybe I haven’t done such a good job lately. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything else that’s going on in our lives. That’s when I had a light bulb moment… Why not try texting, leaving notes, and speaking positive words of affirmation for Mr. Husband every day of December and see what happens. Why don’t you join me, all month long I’ll be Tweeting #31Affirmations.

I’m looking forward to the end results.





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Photo credit: HTGAWM/ABC.com
Photo credit: HTGAWM/ABC.com

If Scandal watchers are #Gladiators, what are we when we tune into How To Get Away With Murder? — Things that make me go hmmm!

Last Thursday night, Shonda Rhimes and the writers of #HTGAWM left us with a pressing question, along with the challenge of guessing/connecting the clues to figure out Sam’s real killer.

I’ve watched every episode, and I have to admit at the beginning I was thoroughly confused as to WTH was going on. There were two different stories taking place, obviously connected and oh-so intriguing. As the weeks have passed, it looks like the two timelines are finally coming together and starting to make sense. The best part… It’s about to reveal the real killer.

The real killer? From what I’ve watched, I thought it was Rebecca. Not according to Thursday’s episode.

When I was in middle school the game Clue was very popular. The point of the game is to figure out who the murderer is, where it took place, and with what object.  Thinking about #WhoKilledSam has reminded me of those days of playing Clue. I am truly tickled, intrigued and positively not sure, I believe… Bonnie is Sam’s killer.


  • The week before, Bonnie told Sam She’d do anything for Annalise.
  • Prior to the above mentioned clue… Every time Annalise and Sam got into an argument Bonnie would either show up at the door knocking, or lurking around the corner listening.
  • Annalise called Bonnie while Bonnie was in bed with Asher. All torn up, Annalise asked Bonnie if she was with him (Sam). That made me think there was some sort of love triangle going on. There is something a little strange with the three of them, but I just can’t put my finger on it!

So far these are the only clues that seem to stick out. Had we known before Thursday, Shonda was subliminally giving us clues and hints, we’d all know the identity of the REAL murderer.

One thing I do know… With Shonda Rhimes, things are never as they seem. What are your thoughts on #WhoKilledSam?

K is for Killing. From A To Z Challenge


Hi-Jacked by Jet-Lag

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photo credit: telegraph.co.uk

I am jet-lagged and I haven’t gone ANYWHERE! The end of Daylight Savings Time is to blame!!!

Actually, everything started before Sat. night and setting our clocks back one hour.

A few weeks ago it became noticeable that our days were getting shorter, as it got dark earlier and earlier. My body is used to nightfall being later in the evening, therefore signaling my body it’s time to shift gears. So the earlier it gets dark, no matter what time it is, the earlier I fall asleep in my chair. Not only am I falling asleep ridiculously early… I’m waking up over in the night, and extra early in the morning.

One evening last week it was only 6 o’clock, I promise it felt more like 10. After Scandal, I was trying my best to watch How To Get Away With Murder, but I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. The next day I watched both shows and realized, I slept off and on through Scandal as well.

My nephew, who’s in the Navy and is serving on the other side of the world, once tried to explain the Navy’s procedure for not getting jet-lag. I did however find three other helpful sources and information.

Daylight Savings Time Makes Jet Lag – I knew I wasn’t crazy and was experiencing jet-lag.

12 Tips For Surviving The End of Daylight Savings Time

4 Weird Ways the Time Change Affects Your Health

Do you experience changes during Daylight Savings, and how do you handle it?

J is for Jet-lag: From A to Z Challenge

Recycling and Reusing Plastic Grocery Bags

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After a trip to WaI-Mart for groceries, or a quick trip a couple of times a week we find ourselves with more than a few plastic grocery bags.

Growing up in the 80’s paper bags were the norm, and we saved every-single-one. They were recycled in many ways… to line the trash cans, as book covers, craft projects and more.

We have so many plastic bags, it feels like we were running out of places to store them. Of course I don’t want to throw them away, and I can never remember to take them back to Wal-Mart and put them in the recycle bin. Plastic bags are in the laundry room, both bathrooms, the kitchen, and I even have a few in the trunk of my car. They’ve been used to put trash in, dispose of our grandson’s poopy pampers, and carry miscellaneous items away from the house. Even though we reuse, we still have a lot of plastic bags.

I found 5 creative ways to recycle and reuse plastic grocery bags.

There are so many creative ways to use plastic grocery bags other than a dispenser for poopy pampers. Don’t forget to recycle and reuse to reduce waste!

I’m Wide Awake… Now What?

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crochet onUsually I have NO problem what-so-ever falling asleep. All I need is a comfortable place and it’s on. After making Mr. Husband’s breakfast and lunch I try sleep for those few minutes before the alarm goes off. Saturday’s, it’s just go back to sleep until my internal clock says I’ve had enough, normally around 8 a.m.

Every now and then after making breakfast, I’m WIDE AWAKE like right now at 6:30 on a Saturday, morning. A good nights rest, and being wide awake there is no way I’ll be sleeping again before tonight. Only a pain pill will do the trick this morning. I’m not in pain so… Nope!

Following are the top 6 things I prefer doing when it’s evident sleep and I won’t meet again until late night hours .

  • Catch up on my shows – My DVR is set to catch all of “my shows” even if I watch them live. This time of year is very busy for us, so it’s not common to miss watching my favorites. And on mornings like this when I can’t sleep it’s an awesome opportunity to watch or re-watch all of them one after the other.
  • Crochet – Actually, crocheting is what I was doing, then thought this would be a great blog idea! I was working on a hat for my grandson, and have a few more to make. This is the perfect time to turn out a few.
  • Blog – Like I am doing right now! Not now that you’re reading this. But now as in… It’s early in the morning and I’m awake writing this blog post.
  • Pin – Laying in the bed with a fully charged cell phone is great for pinning new ideas on Pinterest! I’ve found some great re-pins to re-pin from others during early morning hours.
  • Laundry – There aren’t any specific ‘laundry days’ at our house. Every day is a laundry day around these parts. As a young working mother of five very active children I learned it was in my best interest to wash everyday. Sorting, washing, and folding has been apart of our daily routine for years. Taking advantage of the early hours means, I can get a little more done. Even though I only have two children at home now, that part of our routine I’m not ready to give up.
  • Read – I love reading but it’s not always easy to find time to read a book, magazine, or blogs. I have the September issue of Essence in my bag right now that I’ve not even opened! It’s been riding around with me for weeks. It will get read TODAY, if it’s the last thing I do by 11:59 tonight.

If you noticed cleaning is NOT on my list of things to do! What do you do when you can’t sleep?

Trophy Mom

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These are only a few trophies and medals.
These are only a few trophies and medals.

All five of my children are multiple sport athletes. They’ve all ran track, and have played baseball/softball, soccer, tennis, basketball, and our son football. My oldest and youngest have been/are cheerleaders as well. We have trophies, medals, plaques, awards, old uniforms and watches to prove it. The oldest middle daughter has two watches for winning Most Athletic Girl at her high school two years in a row!

When I say we have a lot… combined it’s more than 100!

The thing is… the ribbons and medals are in a drawer, plaques are stacked up on top of dressers. The numerous trophies have been moved from here to there and are in.the.way. There’s no way I’m going to get rid of them, I just want to display them neatly and with style. I saw a really awesome idea several months ago using an old China cabinet. Currently my China cabinet is displaying dishes.

Now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect way to display my children’s accolades… Shoot, I forgot about all the academic awards they’ve received over the years.

I think I just added another project to my plate.

How do you display trophies and such in your home?



Picture Not So Perfect

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me collageI just left a comment on Krystal Grant’s blog, and realized that my Gravtar pic is the very first one I posted years ago. My Twitter profile pic is more that a year old, my professional Facebook profile pic maybe two years old, and the personal one is soon to be a year old. The moral to the story is… It’s time for new pictures!!!

There is one issue, I’m always the person behind the camera taking pictures of everyone else. Occasionally, I get others to take pictures of me with my cell phone, and I really don’t want to use a cell phone pic, or a selfie for a new profile picture.

I’m on a quest to take an awesome profile picture that includes the right hair, outfit, makeup and location. All but one of the pictures to the left are in my yard. Most of all I want the perfect smile, or not. Rarely do I smile for pictures.  It’s either a serious face or a smirk. When ever I put on my ‘smile for the camera’ smile, it always looks forced. Only when I’m genuinely smiling about something it looks natural.

With a little research a found a few post/articles that may help if you’re having the same issue. Here’s to great profile pictures!

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Profile Pic

How to Take a Great Social Media Profile Pic in 4 Easy Steps

7 Ways to Take A Good Picture of Yourself

Are you pleased with your profiles pictures?