The Best Cleaning Life Hack Ever

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To say I enjoy cooking is an understatement! If you cook as much as I do, every now and again (not often) something might get burned. A couple of years ago I scorched one of my favorite pans. I washed, soaked and scrubbed but this is as far as I got.


I was devastated. This pan is the perfect size for making small omelets, sauteing just a little something, you get the point. Mr. Husband said I should throw it away, because it was ruined.

No way! That’s a really good pan, I wasn’t giving up so easy.  Every once-and-a while I’d try again… You guessed it, nothing worked! That is until I came across two life-hack post on Pinterest! It was worth a try right? Of course it was.

I followed directions of the first post, then the second. I put the pan on the stove filled with water and a little baking soda then scrubbed with foil. OMG things started happening so I scrubbed a little harder and faster, boiled again and scrubbed some more. Then… Voila a clean pan!


What do you do with burned pans?



10 Photos For May

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May Pics


Any reason to take pictures is a great one! I comprised a list of 10 pictures I’ll be looking to take during the month of May. Join me in my May photo challenge, or create your own list. I enjoy taking pictures with my iPhone, but I’m pulling out my big camera and put it to work.

Last week while taking Zoey to school I snapped the photo above. The rain was a perfect reason to use her new umbrella. I couldn’t let this photo opp pass me by.

I’d love to see your May pictures, simple tag them #10MayPics.

For A Great Cause

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Tutus Ties and Tennis Shoes 2

I’m hosting a 5K for my 47th birthday. The event is a fundraiser for the A+ Plus Outreach Scholarship Fund. More details can be found here.

What’s Your Pleasure?

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The observance of Earth Day started in 1970, as a way to garner national support for environmental issues. Today millions of people celebrate and observe April 22, in large and small ways. How do you?

Marriage Matters – Respect

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marriage matters respectIn three months and a few days, Mr. Husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Wow… where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday, I was waiting in my dorm room listening for him to buzz my room. As soon as he buzzed I’d haul it down the stairs and jump around his neck. I’m actually tickled writing this, I haven’t thought about that in years.

Often we hear about couples, celebrity and regular folk, getting divorced before they open all the gifts. When Kim and Kanye wed, there were bets on how long they’d stay married. Wendy Williams lost a bet and ate crow! To some marriage has become a joke, and not the spiritual coming together God intended it to be.

Although Mr. Husband and I have had our ups and downs, I credit many of our ups to a mutual respect for each other. Aretha Franklin said it best…

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me. All I need is a little respect…”

Early in our dating relationship we made respect a priority. He would respect me, and I would do the same for him. The key actually is understanding respect, and how the other person sees, and views it. Through the years I’ve also learned that everyone’s understanding is not the same. But that’s a post for another day!

Ways to show your spouse RESPECT:

How high does respect rank in your marriage?

Spring It On

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Spring it on

Now that Spring is officially here, it has me feeling all springish, and thinking about flowers. For the past several years I’ve made plans to spruce up our patio, and this year is no different… I have plans.

My number one plan is that the Sugababies and I plant flowers in the patio flower bed, and watch them grow. When we first moved into our home, about 13 years ago, it was our youngest daughter idea to plant a few flowers. She  enjoyed watching her plants grow and bloom.

This spring, we’re starting with the following four plants, and a feeder, who knows where we’ll stop. I am uber excited.

  • This butterfly feeder is a must! I have only one concern… Will it attract mosquitoes as well?
  • 31 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes Citronella Grass is a must, because mosquitoes are as much a part of spring and summer as the sun in our parts. Those little critters are bad with or without a butterfly feeder.
  • Impatiens and Foxgloves for attracting that humming birds that visit each year. Maybe they’ll bring a few more friends with them.
  • Growing up hydrangeas were one of my least favorite plants. My grandmother had them in the front and the side of her house. They where huge pink and blue bushes. And for that reason I love them now. They remind me of her.
  • Sunflowers are another one of my favorites, and are also a must this summer.

What spring/summer projects are you planning for?

I took the photos in the collage  at #Bean2Blog 2012 on Moss Mountain Farm. It is absolutely beautiful this time of year. If you EVER have the opportunity to visit P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home, GO!



I Made A GIF

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I love learning new things, and even more than that I love to share what I’ve learned.

Last week, I shared with you my April To-Do List graphic after following a tutorial. This week I want to share my latest creation from another tutorial How To Make An Animated Gif. In this tutorial it takes you to, but for some reason I was having issues with that that site. After trying to check the site out from my computer at work, and our network blocked it.

I followed all the initial directions for taking pictures, and Googled another animated GIF creator, and settled on It was uber simple, and I didn’t need another set of instructions. Had I known making animated gifs were this simple I would have done it a long time ago. And be certain more will follow… look for them.

With this gif simple was the idea. My Sugababies made flowers with construction paper earlier, and I wanted to do the same. Mr. Husband thought I was making an art project. You should try it! If so, please leave me a comment and link to your gif, I’d love to see it.

Drum roll please…