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These are only a few trophies and medals.
These are only a few trophies and medals.

All five of my children are multiple sport athletes. They’ve all ran track, and have played baseball/softball, soccer, tennis, basketball, and our son football. My oldest and youngest have been/are cheerleaders as well. We have trophies, medals, plaques, awards, old uniforms and watches to prove it. The oldest middle daughter has two watches for winning Most Athletic Girl at her high school two years in a row!

When I say we have a lot… combined it’s more than 100!

The thing is… the ribbons and medals are in a drawer, plaques are stacked up on top of dressers. The numerous trophies have been moved from here to there and are in.the.way. There’s no way I’m going to get rid of them, I just want to display them neatly and with style. I saw a really awesome idea several months ago using an old China cabinet. Currently my China cabinet is displaying dishes.

Now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect way to display my children’s accolades… Shoot, I forgot about all the academic awards they’ve received over the years.

I think I just added another project to my plate.

How do you display trophies and such in your home?



Picture Not So Perfect

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me collageI just left a comment on Krystal Grant’s blog, and realized that my Gravtar pic is the very first one I posted years ago. My Twitter profile pic is more that a year old, my professional Facebook profile pic maybe two years old, and the personal one is soon to be a year old. The moral to the story is… It’s time for new pictures!!!

There is one issue, I’m always the person behind the camera taking pictures of everyone else. Occasionally, I get others to take pictures of me with my cell phone, and I really don’t want to use a cell phone pic, or a selfie for a new profile picture.

I’m on a quest to take an awesome profile picture that includes the right hair, outfit, makeup and location. All but one of the pictures to the left are in my yard. Most of all I want the perfect smile, or not. Rarely do I smile for pictures.  It’s either a serious face or a smirk. When ever I put on my ‘smile for the camera’ smile, it always looks forced. Only when I’m genuinely smiling about something it looks natural.

With a little research a found a few post/articles that may help if you’re having the same issue. Here’s to great profile pictures!

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Profile Pic

How to Take a Great Social Media Profile Pic in 4 Easy Steps

7 Ways to Take A Good Picture of Yourself

Are you pleased with your profiles pictures?

Football Saturday Homegating

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HomegatingEvery Saturday, in our house is all about football. Once Mister Husbands gets in from work I literally give up on watching TV. Our son comes over and they watch football well into the night, one after the other.

Like every other night of the week, I cook dinner. And most of the time I have no idea ‘What’s For Dinner.’ I had this Great Idea… Since they’re watching football why not make it complete with football food, a sort homegate. Starting with today, till football season ends we will homegate. This will be a  great tradition to keep going year after year.

So I took to my favorite sites to look for great ideas for our inaugural Football Saturday, Homegating Menu.

Wingstop version Lemon Pepper Wings – My girls and I love Wingstop’s wings, and I’ve wanted to make the lemon pepper wings for a while. Today is that day.

Bacon cheeseburger dip

Lemonade slushies – This is THE BEST slushie recipe! My family raves over it. It’s actually as good as Sonic’s, which makes me a hit when I make these.

Boiled peanuts = I first learned about boiled peanuts from Paula Deen. Theses have been a fall favorite for my children. We haven’t had them in a few years, and this will be a great surprise.

I’m so excited that I made a Homegating Pinterest board to build an arsenal of recipes.

Wigs, Hats, And Paper Bags

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I posted the following to my Facebook page…


That post is NOT an exaggeration. I even considered calling in to work, but there is no leave category for “Bad Hair Days.”

Actually, it was beyond a bad hair day, more like a mad hair day. I went to bed last night without wrapping or tying my hair down. When I woke up this morning this stuff on my head, was fighting mad!

I’m in need of a relaxer, cut, and color. Let’s be honest I need a makeover and a girlfriend intervention, for more than just my hair!

After watching Girlfriend Intervention last night, I started thinking that’s just what I need. Although, I’m not exactly a “Basic Woman”… I do have “Basic Woman” tendencies.  Instead of someone else turning me in, I’m going to put together my own team to ‘Reboot and Refresh my style in the areas of wardrobe, shoes, hair, and makeup.


My go-to color for shoes and clothes is black. My husband and friend tell me all the time, “black doesn’t go with everything.”

It does if I wear it!

I do have some cute/stylish clothes, but I can use a little help with updating my wardrobe. I’d like to learn how to “werk” the clothes I have into stylish and current outfits that are suitable for work and play. I’m 46, and I don’t want to dress like my teen-aged daughters, or my 68 year-old mother either.


I’m not big on wearing heels, but I do find them absolutely gorgeous. If my feet aren’t happy I’m not happy. Over the years I made a conscious decision to wear sensible and comfortable shoes. My husband and friend have tried to convince me to wear more color. I’d also like to try heels again, maybe not six inch stilettos, but a comfortable heel that doesn’t look like a granny shoe.


Short hair is my thing, and that’s not going to change. Lately, I’ve let it grow out a little too much. I’m in need of a nice new cut, maybe even an updated short style. Every time I look in the mirror I seem to have more gray hair. I try my hardest to keep it colored. The recent color has been a burgundy-ish rinse. Once it starts to fade the gray is more of light pink. I used to wear my hair honey blonde, and I’m interested in trying that again. Instead of coloring it myself, this time I’ll seek a professional colorist.


Make up routine? … Umm no!

When it comes to makeup, I am very basic. Pressed powder, a little lipstick, and eyeliner, with an occasional brown eye shadow is my regimen. My goal is to learn to apply makeup to enhance, and glam-up when needed. And eyebrows… I want to learn how to do my eyebrows. I’ve seen women wearing so much makeup, that when they take it off, they don’t look like themselves. I want to always look like me.

There you have it… that’s the plan. I’m going to the drawing board to find four ladies that can help me achieve my goal to ‘Reboot & Refresh.’ Of course I will document it every step of the way.

When you find yourself in a rut, how to Reboot and Refresh?


Birdies, End of Summer, and Migration

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humming bird

Years ago when we were house hunting, during our first visit/walk through our home  we were all captivated by the little humming bird that was feeding outside of the window. I think that was my first in person encounter with an “in living color” humming bird. Since then we look forward to seeing the tiny little birds return each spring to our blooming flowers and feeder.

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed our humming bird showing up daily, and some days more than once. Per my research, I learned that before their migration they need to eat a lot of insects and nectar to fatten up. Unfortunately for us, as summer comes to an end soon our humming bird sightings will cease.

Until next spring when our humming bird returns I’ll just stop by Lake Saracen and watch the American White Pelicans. We’re a stop over on their migration trail. They’re absolutely awesome to watch as they swim around and fish. Generally they show up around December, but this year they’re early. I hope that doesn’t mean we’re going to have an early winter, or a harsh one.

I don’t consider my self a bird watcher, more like Janie in ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God.‘ Teacake would ask “Janie, whatcha doing?” She’d respond, “Watching God.”

I love watching God’s creativity and artwork… birds, flowers, and the way things in nature happen over and over again. I’m always in awe.

H is for Humming Bird – A to Z Challenge

An Attitude of Gratitude

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This summer I started the Blogging A-Z Challenge. Instead of trying to blog every day to get through the alphabet, my plans were to take my time, adding other post in as I go. If it takes the rest of the year, I’m cool with that. This project was supposed to help me get through the burnout I was experiencing and reignite that blogging fire. It was working at first… then I got stuck at ‘G.’

I couldn’t think of one ‘G’ thing to write about, go figure. Yesterday, I tweeted a cry for help. No sooner than it posted, an idea came to mind… Gratitude!

5 Simple Things I’m Grateful For

We know everyone is grateful for family, health, jobs… but I want to share a few simple things. Yesterday in a brief Twittersation with @AdenaJ  I realized, it’s the little things that make a real difference.

1. A sense of humor: Laughter is the best medicine! So often we’re running around taking care of things that we not only don’t smile, but we miss out on things that are truly funny. There are actually Health Benefits of Laughter   including lowering blood pressure! Vine, Instagram, and YouTube are excellent sources of funny videos to tickle your fancy. One of my recent favorite personalities that keep me in stitches is Mighty Duck. The pranks on his mother are the absolute funniest!

2. Good Food: A few years ago, I started cooking new things to get out of the rut that was getting deeper, and deeper when it came to my cooking experience. I renewed my love for cooking, and learned I REALLY love good food. I get excited then I start planning a meal, or menu. I’ve also been known to dance when eating, or tasting something truly delicious.

3. Love of Reading: As as child I watched my mom read baskets, and paper bags filled with books. It wasn’t long before I wanted to read like that as well. My favorites are still children’s books… old and new. Books from my childhood like ‘Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People’s Ears,‘ ‘The Five Chinese Brothers,’ and ‘Cat In The Hat,’ are still very dear to me. I loved sharing my love of reading with my children. Now that they are older, I’m enjoying sharing those stories and more, with my Sugababies.

4. Creativity:   Both of my grandmother’s were creative women. They cooked, canned, and gardened, along with  crochet and sewed. Every time I use those skills I am reminded of them both.

5. Blogging: Tuesday was the sixth anniversary of my blog. What started as a means to chronicle the decade of my 40’s, blossomed into so much more. It’s given me a voice, and afforded experiences I never would have had other wise. I actually love writing, and that love was fueled by my love of reading.

I could go on with my list, but the further I go  the more not-so-simple it will become. I encourage you to think about the ‘Simple’ things you are grateful for.

G is for Gratitude: A to Z Challenge

5 Things I’m Looking Forward To

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pumpkin painting 2

I’ve fallen into a rut, and I’m trying my best to get out.

Boredom has struck in the kitchen and have started making the same dishes over and over. My blog has grown stale, and I’m posting every now and then. With all the NOTHING going on with me, I feel like I have nothing to write about. Exercise… well let’s just say I don’t know when the last time I saw the inside of the gym, and I’ve walked less than 10 times this year.

I’m starting to feel like I’m just going through the motions day in, and day out. Then I get up and do it all over again. In an effort to spark the creative juices, and revive that adventurous person that lives inside, I started thinking about thinks I’m looking forward to this fall. I surprised myself!

5 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Fall

1. Just as I started sewing again this summer, my sewing machine that’s just a few years younger than I am, gave out on me. Currently, I looking and researching sewing machines and plan to make a decision and purchase this month. In the meantime I’ve pinned all sorts of things to sew to my Sew & So board. Friday night was a great night to sew a project.

2. Thursday night TV – Starting September 25, Thursday nights will be all about Shonda Rhimes it begins with the new seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, followed by Scandal then her new show How To Get Away With Murder. I never got into Grey’s Anatomy, and figure I’d be too lost to jump in now, but I’ve been a Gladiator since day one! From now on, what ever she’s producing/creating… I’m watching. Dinner will be done early, everything on my ‘todo’ list will be checked off, and there will be no football in my house that night!

2. Last year’s Halloween Fun With The Sugababies was the best! Of course we have to do it all over again! We painted pumpkins, made the best caramel popcorn trail mix, ate hot dongs… pretty much a whole day of fun and food. This year we’re going to a pumpkin patch, and when we get home we’re carving and painting pumpkins. It will be my grandson’s first pumpkin and I’m super excited!

3. A very first birthday. Thanksgiving Day is my grandson’s first birthday. Of course we’ve been thinking about theme ideas and everything first birthday related. This morning I saw that one of my daughter’s friends made her daughter’s birthday cake. It was amazing, and very special. I am NOT a cake decorator by any means, but I started thinking how cool would it be for me to make his first birthday cake. Of course I’d have to practice a couple of times. If my practicing doesn’t work out, I know how to order a cake!

4. A few years ago, I started Project What’s For Dinner, where a couple times a week I made something new and my family rated me on it. I found some really great recipes and dishes my family loves. The thing is, now I’m cooking them all the time. It’s now time for ‘Project What’s For Dinner Again.’ Since the first go around, two of my children have moved out and started their own lives, and another is away at college. The additional challenge is to cook less, a lot less.

5. Next year Mr. Husband and I will be married 25 years. Yes, I know I barely look 25 myself, but it’s true. We’ve discussed taking another trip out of the country, and is an excellent idea.  Although our anniversary is actually next summer, I’m looking forward to planning all the details this fall. I even have a few tricks up my sleeve for pre-anniversary gifts.

This post took me a few hours to complete, but I completed it. I’m not totally rejuvenated, but this is a step in the right direction. It did spark a few more ideas. Do you have periods where you just don’t know what to blog about, or burnout?